About me

I’ve been working in the communications area for around 20 years – longer than I care to admit – after I fell into desktop publishing after finishing my Bachelor of Arts (honours) in English and Sociology in the mid 1990s. Desktop publishing seemed like a bit of a strange turn for me, considering I had never done anything like it before, or been interested in doing it up until then, but I was thoroughly sick of writing after completing my English thesis and I needed to do some work that would pay the rent.

Luckily for me, I found I love graphic design and layout, and since those early days I’ve worked in a number of areas from legal publishing, academic organisations to trade publications (hedge fund happiness with Investor Weekly and photos of massive machines with the Australian Journal of Mining – fun times). I also worked in London for a few months before heading off on the traditional Australian rite of passage – backpacking through Europe.

Back in Sydney, I worked for a few years as Publication Editor for Money Magazine, where I managed the production and pre-press process, as well as doing page design and layout and eventually getting to write my very own monthly column on environmental ways to save money. From there I have moved to the public sector, namely the NSW Department of Health. The public sector has a lot more challenges that are different to the private sector, and I find working in these roles rewarding and interesting.

I enjoy writing, campaign planning, marketing and graphic design, and I see my future in a role where I can further develop these skills. Welcome to my portfolio, I hope you enjoy browsing it as much as I have had creating it.




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