Communicating ims+

As Communications Officer at the Clinical Excellence Commission, I assisted the Communications Manager to develop a communications package promoting move to the new incident management system, called ims+. The communications packages, tailored to each of the individual 17 Local Health Districts (LHD) and other health facilities, were designed to support the launch of ims+ and minimise the workload of the LHD communication departments.

Each communications pack consisted of draft email templates, to be sent out by the LHD CEOs, posters, web banners and screen savers, intranet and newsletter articles, team briefing notes and training materials, promotional video and photography library featuring LHD staff. In addition to producing a lot of this material, I developed an  interactive PDF checklist to make sure the correct communications elements for each LHD were sent according to the communications plan. This meant that it could be used to track communications as developed and as a contents list for the final pack.

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