Making a stand for Health Innovation

HealthShare NSW and eHealth NSW were sponsors of the of the NSW Health Innovation Symposium held in October 2016. Part of the sponsorship package included having stands to showcase what each organisation did.

For the HealthShare NSW one, we decided to recreate a hospital room featuring ‘speech bubble’ signs showing the services HealthShare NSW provides to the NSW public hospital system: food, linen, hotel and cleaning, patient transport, disability equipment and payroll for health staff. In addition to the signs I created a large poster as a ‘window’ in the room showing a Non-Emergency Patient Transport (NEPT) vehicle.


The eHealth NSW stand was more involved. The turnaround time for artwork delivery was a week, with the symposium organisers unable to confirm the measurements of the back wall of the stand until 2 days before artwork was due at the printers. I workshopped with eHealth project managers to develop an illustration, featuring all the IT services that eHealth NSW provides public hospitals, that would cover the entire wall of the booth in 5 panels. Because of the tight deadline, I decided to repurpose the illustrations I had adapted for one of the eHealth project team’s booth at our Expo in August. I assisted in creating relevant image concepts and creation, the wording and layout for the artwork (2.4m x 4m).


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