A Snapshot of NAIDOC

To celebrate NAIDOC week in 2016, the Aboriginal Workforce team held a photography competition open to all HealthShare NSW and eHealth NSW staff. Entrants had to submit a photo of a special place in Australian nature that they felt a connection to, and accompany it with a short paragraph on what the place meant to them.

We received 68 entries, featuring beautiful photography and personal stories. The winning entries were displayed on foamcore boards in the Aboriginal Workforce booth at the HealthShare NSW & eHealth NSW Expo 2016.

I designed the postcards advertising the competition, contributing my own photo and story for one of the postcards (Coorawatha) as well as the background shots on the rear of the cards. I also designed the 7 foamcore boards (240cm by 100cm wide each) which featured the winning photos and stories and were displayed at Expo. The ‘sandy’ background was created using filters in Photoshop and the emu tracks were designed in Illustrator. The board artwork was constructed in Indesign.



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