CDMP rehabilitates its identity

The Chronic Disease management Program had a problem – no one knew they existed or what they did. In particular patients were not aware of the free physical rehabilitation programs that were available through the CDMP, meaning that patients which chronic diseases, who could have benefited from the program and reduce their hospital readmissions, were missing out.

I worked with representatives from the Chronic Diseases committee, as well as a physiotherapist from the rehab program, to develop a branding style for the CDMP and help create resources for a kit that could be given to eligible patients on their discharge from hospital. I developed the CDMP branding guidelines for the CDMP as well as designing several flyers and a brochure. I also booked a photographer and organised a photo shoot and interviews with patients who had gone through the program and were now attending senior wellness classes run by ‘Sparrow’ Dowse, the oldest qualified physical trainer in NSW. His kids gave him the physical trainer certification course for his 70th birthday. He was an interesting character – I wrote a story about him to promote the rebranding project.

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