Written work to promote projects

I worked on several design projects at SLHD, and as a way of promoting them to our staff and the general community, I wrote articles about the projects for publication on the various media channels available.

The projects include:

The rebranding of the Centre for Education and Workplace Development. The CEWD held a Roadshow to demonstrate to staff in each facility the courses available and to unveil their new branding, logo and website. I wrote up a few articles about the rebranding and the roadshow, which were sent as press releases to local newspapers as well as published on the SLHD media webpage and in the bi-monthly newsletter. New look CEWD hits the road; 130514_A fresh look at education

Developing a consistent visual identity and branding for the District’s Chronic Disease Management Program, particularly focusing on the physical rehabilitation programs. People who suffer heart attacks, undergo heart surgery or other similar events get better much faster if they complete a rehab program, but hardly any qualifying patients were taking part because the programs were not well advertised or promoted. The branding strategy was part of addressing this lack of presence by creating a patient kit of brochures and information that could be provided to doctors, patients and their carers. Through the physiotherapist I was working with to create the kit, I booked a photographer and interviewed two patients who had successfully completed the rehab program. The interviewees participate in regular senior exercise classes run by Sparrow, who is the oldest qualified physical trainer in NSW. Rehab program gets a revamp

The Community Visitors Scheme has been going for decades throughout Australia, and last year the Sydney Local Health District’s CVS program celebrated its 20 years anniversary. I designed and edited the commemorative book that was presented to each volunteer at a celebration of this achievement, and wrote an article about the event that was used in the district newsletter. CVS celebrates 20 years of friendship

To promote the annual free influenza vaccination program that is held throughout winter and autumn in the district, I called up the vaccination nurses in each of the district hospitals for a progress report each week and wrote articles about how the vaccinations were going. It was a struggle to come up with a new angle each time! The district vaccination rates did improve over the previous year – I got mine too.  Balmain Hospital leads the flu vax pack

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