SLHD Flu vaccination campaign: a jab well done

The SLHD influenza vaccination campaign aimed to increase the rates of staff and patients getting vaccinated against the flu throughout autumn and winter. Influenza can have serious consequences within a hospital environment, due to the compromised immune systems of patients and the high level of interaction between healthcare workers, patients and visitors that can lead to rapid transmission of infection. The vaccination program involved a clinic offering free flu shots available for staff in each of the District’s hospitals, as well as mobile units that visited various wards and facilties on a regular basis.

To promote uptake of the free vaccine I developed the concept for nine posters (designing the look and developing the slogans), that featured staff from each hospital who were highly respected within their workplace. I organised a time and date when each ‘flu ambassador’ could be photographed and provided a precise brief to the photographer of how I wanted the shot to be set up. Post-printing, I ensured that the right quantity of the right poster was delivered to the right hospital.

In addition to the poster design and campaign slogans, I wrote regular updates on the progress of the flu shot campaign that were uploaded to the Media Centre page on the SLHD website, published in the bi-monthly newsletter and emailed out, to encourage staff to take advantage of the free vaccine. I also sent out media releases to the local newspapers. At the end of the campaign, which lasted several months, the vaccination rates had increased across the district, and the posters are planned to be used again for the 2015 campaign.

Below are the posters and some snapshots of the articles. PDFs of the articles: Mobile teams influence uptake in vaccination campaignBalmain Hospital leads the flu vax pack; Feverish response to vaccination campaign


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