Different views of the news

I’ve designed a number of newsletter templates for various health agencies as well as designing and laying out HealthShare NSW’s own monthly newsletter. These templates have been in different formats depending on the software and skills available at the various workplaces, including Publisher, InDesign and sometimes Word. Designing documents in Word is a bit of a headache, although I’ve got fairly good at them now as we provide online branded templates for our staff at HealthShare NSW, including factsheets, minutes, reports, and project updates.

The Consumer and Community Participation Newsletter template was designed in Publisher, as was the ACI Musculoskeletal Network newsletter template. Ministry Matters was done in InDesign, as we wrote and designed it for about five months before the NSW Ministry of Health had appropriate staff in place to take over production inhouse. South Western Sydney Local Health District ‘s newsletter template was also done in Indesign and supplied with instructions so they could do their own newsletters. Finally, the special edition of HealthShare News was a compilation of stories about the Food, Hotel and Linen business lines that they could hand out as a promotional item at meetings, facilities and events.

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