Expo-sing a testing time

Of all the events I’ve designed for, the most consistent and largest is the HealthShare NSW Expo. In 2010 there was a lot of confusion and ignorance among our customers of what services the organisation provided to NSW public hospitals. The communications department decided that the best way to promote HealthShare NSW (then Health Support Services) was to hold an Expo. The event was free to all NSW Health employees and featured trade stalls by the different programs and services (such as Food and Hotel services for hospitals, linen supply, payroll, etc) as well as commercial suppliers. In addition there were presentations held by the CEO and the heads of the programs. It proved to be such a success that it has since become an annual event and has grown dramatically. In 2013 HealthShare NSW split into two entities, HealthShare NSW and eHealth NSW. The 2014 Expo helped promote the new eHealth NSW entity, with over 1,000 delegates attending the day.

With the assistance of a freelancer, I have designed all the event collateral for the last five Expos. These include the sponsorship prospectus, website and online banners, handbooks for the delegates and speakers, event signage including pullup banners and feather banners, the delegate bags and branded merchandise and anything else the Events team required. In addition to this, I have also provided advice and designed collateral for the different programs’ trade stalls (such as posters, flyers, signage, branded merchandise, etc), approximately 10 different booths each year. I also organise all the printing quotes and keep a track on which department should be invoiced for each item and follow up with the printers and suppliers afterwards to ensure that all have been paid. The event involves a massive amount of project management, design madness and overtime, but I love walking through the Expo during the day and seeing how everything looks and what can be improved for next year.

Below is a gallery of a few images from the last five expos, with a particular focus on the materials I designed for the events. To see more check the HealthShare NSW & eHealth NSW Expo .

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