‘Between the Flags’ patient safety program branding

In 2009 the Clinical Excellence Commission implemented a new patient observation chart system for use throughout the NSW public hospital system. The new charts use yellow and red coloured ‘danger’ zones, on the upper and lower portions of the chart, to show if a patient is deteriorating over time and to prompt nursing staff to initiate necessary medical attention. This new chart made it easier for nursing staff across shifts to quickly evaluate a patient’s condition over the previous 24 to 48 hours, improving patient safety. The Australian Surf Lifesaving beach safety advice of swimming between the red and yellow flags at the beach was adopted (with their permission) to promote the new observation chart.

I designed the branding for the promotion’s materials, using an abstract representation of the beach as the main visual element, with grey vertical stripes representing flagpoles on the right and left sides to emphasize the ‘between the flags’ message. In addition to the below collateral I designed for the promotion, I also put together the Between The Flags branding style guide for future designers to use when producing new materials as needed. I really liked the clean simple look of the branding given that most of the materials were extremely text heavy.


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