Healthy bodies, healthy minds, vibrant futures

In 2010 I designed the NSW Health Youth Health Policy 2010-2015, “Healthy bodies, healthy minds, vibrant futures’. The client wanted the document to be in two colours that were high contrasting so that when the PDF was downloaded by health workers throughout NSW it would still be readable when printed on a black and white printer. It also had to be appealing and incorporate young people in the graphics. The client also wanted to include a mural that had been painted by young patients attending a mental health facility.

The deadline for this 40 page document was very tight, so I shared the production of the report with a freelance designer to layout the design to the specifications I wanted. The colours we chose were navy blue and orange with a lot of white space to meet the client’s printing requirements. We put the image of the mural on the cover and used it throughout the document in the page corners. The image came in six different photos – it me took hours to Photoshop the 6 images into one smooth image, particularly as the angles were a little distorted in each photo.

In addition to the report, there was a four page summary brochure and a checklist, in printed and digital versions. The Summary brochure is included in the gallery or click the link for a PDF version: Youth Health Policy summary brochure


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