Aboriginal Health Awards 2010 & 2012

  1. In 2010 I was offered a new role at the (then) Health Support Services, an agency of the NSW Health Department that provides support services to NSW hospitals such as food, linen, payroll, cleaning, warehousing, IT support – basically all the boring stuff that goes on in the background but is essential to the running of a state-wide health service. Nurses like to get paid, patients like to eat, and no one likes to get infections from drug-resistant superbugs.

The position was to establish a graphic design and print management department as part of the Communications and Web Design teams, to design collateral for the various programs and departments of HSS and develop a branding style guide for the whole organisation. Since then the organisation has grown, changed its name, got a new logo and split into two – HealthShare NSW, which covers the original core services and the new eHealth NSW, which manages clinical and corporate health technology initiatives such as electronic medication management and the use of mobile computing for medical staff at the patient bedside. I continue to manage the design demands of both organisations and revise the branding style guide to keep in step with the organisation’s needs.

Anyway, the Communications department included an Events team, and I designed the collateral for the events they organised for health agencies and the NSW Health Department. The Aboriginal Health Awards was one of the first events I designed for and also provided assistance on the night along with the rest of the Communications team. The event awarded projects that had made a significant impact on Aboriginal health  and featured a number of categories. I designed the look for the 2010 and the 2012 AHA events (there was no 2011 event held) and developed all the required collateral – guidebook, entry forms, web banners and other online assets, signage, certificates and invitations.

More photos of the events are available at http://www.hssevents.health.nsw.gov.au/awards-expo/aha

2010 Aboriginal Health Awards:

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2012 Aboriginal Health Awards:

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