InvestorInfo image creations

I worked for a small trade magazine publishing company called InvestorInfo in the early 2000s, that catered to the investment, superannuation and funds management industries. It’s stable consisted of two weekly magazines, IFA and Investor Weekly, Masterfunds Quarterly, Ethical Investor (monthly) and, which was a news subscription service that emailed articles to subscribers every morning. I was responsible for the design and production of Investor Weekly and Ethical Investor.

The magazines were done in the era before being able to email PDFs to the printer in a desperate last minute rush – these were done in QuarkXPress, collected to output and burned on CDs and bundled with printed proofs into a cab that delivered it to the printer on Wednesday nights. Needless to say sometimes something would go wrong – one of the discs was corrupted, or a font was not included or some drama – and I would have to go back into the office that night and send them what was missing. Luckily it didn’t happen too often, I always sent backup discs, and the printer was pretty resourceful. I don’t miss those days at all!

As with a lot of small magazine companies, the picture budget we had was minimal to non-existant, so we bought royalty-free images that could be reused amongst the titles and for the Annual Report, and created other images where we could. Below are a few ads where I created the image in Photoshop.  The balls on the billiard table one were created from past Investor Weekly covers (reuse, recycle), for the subscription ad I photoshopped the cover under the keyboard as we had that office desk image already in our photo library, and in the InvestorSupermarket ad I created the mouse and mousepad in Photoshop and overlayed headlines from recent stories onto the mousepad.

I’ve also included two images that I created for cover artwork – the rather Magritte looking man in a suit with a strange head was for a story on ethical investing, and the rusty Macquarie logo was for a story on a downturn Macquarie Bank was suffering at the time. This image came from a black and white copy of the Macquarie Bank logo – all the effects were created in Photoshop.

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